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Radiology in Medical Practice 6th Ed

Edition: Six Edition

Year: 2021

Publishers: Elsevier

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This book is divided into two sections. Section I deals with X-rays and is subdivided into various body systems including respiratory systems, CVs, abdomen, skeletal system and bones, etc. Section II (online only) contains CT scan and MRI involving the chest, brain and abdomen. The text is divided into three parts: (I) presentation of the film; (II) diagnoses and differential diagnoses; and (III) important related questions and answers with relevant short notes. This book also contains useful tips, suggestions and reminders for the examination. The approach is easily understandable, concise and does not overburden the clinicians, busy practitioners, consultants and even specialists in the midst of voluminous text around them. This new book is enriched significantly by the addition of the latest information, newly organised chapters and new photographs of radiological films to keep up with the recent improvements in this field. Pictures of old X-ray films have been replaced with new and updated digital radiological images.

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