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Textbook of Radiology & Imaging, 8th Ed

Title: Sutton:Textbook of Radiology & Imaging, 2 Volume Set, 8e

Edition : Eight

Year: 2023

Publisher: Elsevier

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  • Writer: David Sutton
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This book is a classic guide for trainees and practitioners with a comprehensive overhaul, this book successfully bridges the gap between advancing technology, terminology, and the emergence of new diseases. With its all-encompassing approach, this book serves as the ultimate resource for radiology professionals, eliminating the need for multiple texts on various systems and recent updates. Trainees and practitioners alike will find immense value, as it caters to both skill enhancement and exam preparation for residents. For trainees, the book provides essential tools to elevate their expertise as it covers various topics. Meanwhile, community practitioners will greatly benefit from evidence-based guidelines and protocols presented in the book. The new edition of Sutton retains the overall format, presentation style and comprehensive coverage of the previous editions. Significant advances in imaging techniques and newer applications of different modalities have been incorporated in all sections Radiology lexicons and updated classification systems for various diseases have been included. There is emphasis on differential diagnosis, appropriateness criteria and disease management. Salient features have been highlighted as imaging pearls and teaching points. New sections for Imaging Physics & Principles of Imaging, Emergency Radiology, Pediatric Radiology and Nuclear Medicine have been added to make the book more comprehensive. Crucial topics on patient safety, quality assurance and structured reporting have been included to help radiologists become processes driven and ensure better patient care. Chapters on Information technology and Artificial intelligence introduce residents to the digital environment that we live in and its impact on day to day practice. A section on Interventional Radiology has been included to enable residents to get a deeper understanding of this subspeciality and explore its scope in modern medicine. This edition of Sutton is aimed at presenting an exhaustive teaching and reference text for radiologists and other clinical specialists.

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