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Title: CMDT 2023

Author: Maxine A. Papadakis 

Edition: 62nd Ed

Year: 2018

Exclusive Distributor: Parash Books International


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The most popular annual guide of its kind, this updated edition of the flagship print and online text of the LANGE medical book brand reflects the most important and clinically useful new clinical developments in every field of adult medicine

For 60+ years, CURRENT Medical Diagnosis & Treatment has been delivering the authoritative information students, residents, and clinicians need to build their medical knowledge, expertise, and confidence. Written by top experts in their fields, this unmatched guide is formatted in a way that enables readers to find the answers they need quickly and easily.

Packed with trusted content that keeps readers current on the changing guidelines and treatments on an annual basis, CURRENT Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2023 is focused on major clinical issues in all fields of internal medicine, such as pulmonary, cardiology, hypertension, gastroenterology, liver and pancreatic disease, infectious diseases, cancer, blood, hemostatic, and thrombotic disorders, geriatrics, rheumatology, allergy, kidney and electrolyte disorders, diabetes, lipid, obesity, and other metabolic disorders, genetics, palliative care and pain management. Besides these internal medicine fields, it includes information on other relevant topics needed by the primary care practitioner in gynecology, obstetrics, breast disorders, orthopedics, dermatology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, psychiatry, neurology, toxicology, and urology.

Salient Features

1. 200 photos and illustrations and hundreds of quick-access drug treatment tables, with indexed tradenames and updated drug prices

2. Year in Review table highlights key clinical updates over the last year

3. Comprehensive coverage of patient care, focusing on the diagnostic tools relevant to day-to-day practice

4. Annual updates to topics in all chapters in a consistent format, drugs, tables, and images

5. Annual review of advances in HIV and COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment

6. Essentials of Diagnosis for most diseases/disorders

7. Diagnostic and treatment algorithms present complex information in an at-a-glance style

8. Carefully curated references provide peer-reviewed, evidence-based information, with MEDLINE PubMed links

9. Electronic-only chapters on anti-infective agents, diagnostic testing, information technology, integrative medicine, podiatry, and women’s health available to all book customers

10. Expanded chapter content available online and in eBook for all chapter content

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