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Short Cases in Clinical Medicine

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  • Writer: ABM Abdullah
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AThis book will serve as a helpful learning manual for undergraduate and PG students preparing for MBBS, FCPS, MD, MRCP, FRACP or any other equivalent examination in internal medicine or any other related subspecialty.

    • An easy book to learn the approach in common short cases with the basic knowledge and skill, essential for presentation and interpretation in any examination.


    • A complete outline of comprehensive medical encounter including physical examination and interpretation of gathered information to formulate a diagnosis.


    • Provides short notes and brief discussions on various common diseases, helpful for a quick review without going through voluminous textbooks.


    • 800 coloured photographs are there to help the students to develop a good clinical eye.


  • Easy to understand, concise, yet full of necessary information.

Some new short cases like "Inferior vena caval obstruction", "Tricuspid stenosis", "Pulmonary regurgitation", "Lobectomy and pneumonectomy", "Rheumatoid lung", "Polycythemia Rubra Vera" including many others are added. Also, new investigations and latest treatment protocols of many diseases are added, such as Filariasis, DVT, Atrial fibrillation, pneumothorax, consolidation, Kala-azar etc. 

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